Monday, September 11, 2006


Well, the lowrider look wasn't going to work. The seat had to be brought down even more and we made the mistake of taking it out for a ride! The ride is just sweet and I don't want to mess with it. I wanted to put a fat tire in the back and I happened to have a Maxxis Hookworm lying around the shop. It will have to do until I find something in the 3 inch wide range. We'll be posting a video soon of what we did before removing the old tire.

I also happened to have a huge NOS sissy bar that was given to me some years ago and I just couldn't resist slapping it on. This was inspired by some fans that we have in Copenhagen. I saw some of there rides and one of them was equipped in that fashion, thanks guys for the great idea.

This isn't over by a longshot. We have to either find a decent seat or refit this one. I want to equip the bike with a modern light system inside a vintage set-up. I've already done this on my cruiser using white LED's, so keep posted for that article. I also want to add some accessories without crowding the bike too much. It looks pretty good right now, apart from the crappy seat. Some careful additions will make it even better.

If you are lucky enough to be in Montreal, this bike will be at the corner of Rachel and St-Urbain on Sunday September 17 2006 at the V-Low bike ride, weather permitting. You'll be able to see the Galaxie in person and ask me all the questions you want.

Until then, ride safe and keep your hands dirty.


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